Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chloe Sevigny Sexy Legs



I haven't heard anything about her in while but I ran across this photo set.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sexy Celebrity Legs, Rumor Willis

Well, the Rumor is, Demi Moore's daughter is pretty unfortunate looking but if she keeps wearing short shorts like these I think public opinion may change quickly. I would definitely hit it! A pretty face is overrated and cannot hold up to a sexy pair of legs and I'm definitely a leg man, hence the blog. What do you think? Hot or Not?

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Link of the week ELISHA CUTHBERT

ELISHA CUTHBERT SHOWS HER AMAZING BODY IN COMPLEX. Click on the post to view the entire set at the EGOTASTIC!


It's common to think tall women naturally have nicer legs and while usually tall women are blessed with nice stems, short women's legs can be just as nice. Kristen Bell for example, 5'2 and probably one of the sexiest sets around. But lets put short versus tall and see who wins. Vote in the poll at the bottom of the post who has sexier legs. The tall Paris Hilton or The short Kristen Bell. Also, make sure to click on Kristen's pics to see her legs in HQ. Poll closes Feb 28th and the winner will face off against Carmen Electra next month.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I'M sure know one viewing this post is really interested in anything I have to say on the subject of Miley and her side boob's but I'm gonna share my opinion anyway. I would feel bad for her if I didn't think she went out of her way to show the world the side of her breast. The fact that once a month new revealing pics come out of her leads me to believe she's asking for it. I wish she'd dump her 30yr old boyfriend start wearing bras and acting like a normal 16yr old girl. By the way stop by and vote on our latest poll hottest celeb over 40! The link 2 some of the ladies pics is above and the poll is on the side bar. Peace!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hottest celeb over 40

Sexiest Celebs Over 40?

I was surfing the net and I ran across this list of sexiest female celebs over the age of 40 and it made me want to start a poll on it. These are the seven celebs that came to mind. I posted a pic of each and I tried for the must recent pic. Because these are the seven that came to my mind first I'm going to say they are probably my favorite celebs over 40. I write alittle something next to their pics explaining why? Take a look and then vote. I'll tell you write now it was a toss up for me between Susan Sarandon and Madonna. All these women are sexy but I ended up going with the one I would have picked to fuck if given the choice. Susan Sarandon! Just great tits.

Nicole Kidman 41yrs:
Still in my top five for sexiest celeb legs and will probably make the all-time top five as well. She has other valuable assets; and though she tends to wear to much make up every once in a while. When she dresses down and losses it all they're still is a very attractve set of eyes and lips.

Kim Cattrall 52yrs:
Its amazing to say but Kim is actually the second oldest celeb on this list. Maybe it's the blonde hair and classic good looks because those things tend to take a while to break down. Oh did I mention.... Nice set of legs!

Bebe Neuwirth 50yrs:

I've always loved her and if you call yourself a leg man you have really have to. By far herbest asset even at 50 makes her worthy of any guys vote for sexiest over 40.

Courteney Cox 44yrs: She may not be the same babe from scream and friends. But 44yrs and one kid later she's still very sexy looking and nice tits.

Madonna 50yrs:
OK. I realize she's a bitch. A horrible person? Yes. Totally psychotic? Probably. But at 50 Years old, she is still slammin hot. Even though she is alittle masculine with the muscels, there is nothing wrong with a strong women. With an ass like hers she can inject me with seteriods anytime.
Sheryl Crow 47yrs:
Its amazing shes 47, To look at her body you would think she was still in her 30's. All round she's really sexy great legs, stomach and still has a pretty face. Only area shes lacking in my opinion are the tits. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE TIT'S!

Susan Sarandon 62yrs:

Susan is definitely getting on in years but she is still on my top five list of women I'd love to fuck over 40. She may be able to stay on for a few more years just because of how much I would love to bury my face in those tits. Wow!